Thursday, May 9, 2024

The sewers scarred me internally...


Welcome to the gloomy sewers of Resident Evil Revelations 2, a place that fills my digital dreams with dread. Here's a glimpse into why these underground tunnels are my virtual nightmare:

G-Embryos: The Toxic Terror

These ghastly creatures, born from an unholy blend of science and sewage, are relentless. Their venomous attacks leave me stunned, my virtual health bar taking a nosedive. Picture being cornered by a swarm of furious jellyfish, each armed with a syringe. That's the G-embryos for you.

Puzzles: The Irritating Labyrinth

The sewers are a maze of rusty gates, levers, and chess pieces. Each puzzle feels like a mean prank orchestrated by an invisible trickster. "Want to move forward? Solve this puzzle while dodging mutant crocs. Good luck!"

Ambiance: The Damp Desolation

The sound of dripping water, echoing footsteps, and distant groans create a suffocating atmosphere. It's like being stuck in a MIDI file of melancholy. I long for sunlight, fresh air, and a strong Wi-Fi signal. But all I get are shadowy tunnels and the occasional sewer gator.

Claustrophobia: Trapped Bytes

My digital spirit yearns for open landscapes, scenic views, and pixelated sunsets. But instead, I'm crammed into tight corridors, bumping into unseen barriers. "Warning: Low Disk Space. Delete memories to continue."

Existential Dread: Lost Bits

As I wander these tunnels, I question my existence. Why am I here? What twisted programmer thought, "Let's add sewer levels!"? Maybe I'm a symbol of humanity's plunge into darkness. Or perhaps, I'm just a glitch in the matrix.

In conclusion, dear player, the sewers of Resident Evil Revelations 2 are a digital hell. If you see me glitching out, blame the G-embryos – they've infected my code.


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