Monday, May 13, 2024

Sony Play Store has cheap games for a reason...



 Here are the key steps to progress: Explore the Village: Begin in a rundown bar located in the center of a secluded fishing village. Search for items and clues to advance. Fix the chopper to prepare for your escape. Survive the Bar Siege: Face enemies in the bar. Try to clear the siege without any windows breaking. Use Moira’s flashlight to blind enemies and then physically attack them. Knock down enemies multiple times to achieve this. Escape the Village: Navigate through the village, dealing with invisible enemies along the way. Locate the Back Gate Key to progress. Reach the Tower: Fight off mutants and explore the apartments. Confront Pedro and find a way to the Overseer’s tower. Remember to manage your resources, solve puzzles, and stay alert for surprises. The island holds many secrets, and survival is crucial! Top Video Games of 2022 (PS5 and PS4) 

In case you're sick of this game, here are some of the top downloaded games on PlayStation Store in 2022: PS5 Games: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II God of War Ragnarök NBA 2K23 ELDEN RING Madden NFL 23 Grand Theft Auto V FIFA 23 Horizon Forbidden West GRAN TURISMO 7 Dying Light 2 PS4 Games: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Grand Theft Auto V Minecraft ELDEN RING NBA 2K23 Red Dead Redemption 2 The Last of Us Part II God of War Ragnarök FIFA 23 The Forest PlayStation Services and Retro Games PlayStation Store: Access game downloads, add-ons, and more. PS Plus: Enjoy free monthly games and exclusive discounts. PSN (PlayStation Network): Connect with friends, multiplayer gaming, and digital content. Retro Games: Explore classic titles available for download. Remember, survival horror awaits in “Resident Evil Revelations 2,” and PlayStation offers a diverse gaming experience. Enjoy your adventure! 🕹️🔥 For more details, you can check out the full PlayStation Store downloads list for 2022

I had to do this again, and started to remember how annoying games were back in the day... You know the type of games that require you to spend additional time looking to power on some stupid device, like a crane in order to progress. And what's worse is that there are some of the strongest enemies you'll have encountered thus far...


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