Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Some advice on the sewers in Resident Evil Revelations 2...

 Entering the Sewers:

You’ll start near the locked-up tower in this dark resident evil part of the game, with the burning helicopter in the distance.

Head through the one-way gate toward the large factory.

Look for a Kafka Drawing on the right side of the gate before entering. It’s easy to miss, so keep an eye out!

Exploring the Courtyard:

The next area serves as a courtyard for the factory. You’ll find three buildings here: the Processing Plant, the Butchery, and the Factory proper.

Before heading to the buildings, spot a Tower Emblem on the large building’s wall (look up). This is classic Resident Evil challenges...

Explore this safe zone:

The left door is electronically locked. This is classic Resident Evil Revelations 2 obstacles.

The building ahead requires a retina scan.

The right building is blocked by a large statue of Prometheus (bearing Neil’s nametag).

Inside the Factory Foyer:

Enter the building with the Prometheus statue.

Check the desk for a hidden item and use the workbench.

Proceed past the graffiti (“Welcome to Hell” in Russian) and enter the plant.

Processing Plant:

This two-story building has:

A large locked room ahead.

Bathrooms on the right.

A freezer on the left (an Afflicted lies motionless inside).

Be cautious—some Afflicted may turn into Sploders after being “dead” for a minute.

Slaughterhouse Key and Meat Grinder Puzzle:

Tangle with the barrel boss in the Butchery.

Locate the Slaughterhouse Key (For that locked door that we encountered earlier. So typical of Resident Evil Biohazard games...) 

Solve the meat grinder puzzle (you’ll need to snag the second Liver Replica).

Escape the Butchery:

After dealing with the barrel boss, make your way out of the Butchery.

Keep an eye out for any hidden items along the way.

Revisit the Sewers:

Head back to the sewers. Wouldn't be awesome if there was a Resident Evil Remake for this game...

You’ll find a new assault rifle and track down the Sewer Passage Key.

Navigate the Sluice Gates:

Open all the sluice gates in the next section.

Make it out of the sewers alive.

Explore the Mines:

Power up the elevator.

Defeat the claw boss in the penultimate episode. I think we're finished with this resident evil revelations 2 part... Well I hope...



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