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Revelations 2: Neil was a such a pain...

5 times and... It finally happened...

For anyone having issues, use the following information to kill this boss:

Buckle up, because surviving this Resident Evil encounter requires skill, strategy, and nerves of steel. PS: Some of bosses in this game makes the ones in Resident Evil 7 biohazard look easy. Even Resident Evil 1...

Surviving Neil Fisher: A Tactical Guide

1. Know Your Enemy

Before diving into battle, let’s understand Neil’s attack patterns and weaknesses:

Attacks: Neil uses a combination of melee strikes, charges, and ranged attacks.

Weaknesses: His weak points are his head and chest.

2. Gear Up

Ensure you’re well-equipped:

Weapons: Shotgun and handgun are your best friends. Upgrade them for maximum damage.

Ammo: Stock up on shotgun shells and handgun bullets.

Healing Items: Bring herbs or first aid sprays.

3. The Arena

You’ll face Neil in a confined space with yellow containers. Use them to your advantage:

Hide Behind Containers: When Neil charges, take cover behind the containers. His attacks will destroy them, causing explosions that damage him.

Positioning: Stay near the containers but not too close. You want to avoid getting caught in the blasts.

4. The Fight

Now, let’s break down the battle:

Phase 1: Ranged Attacks

Keep Your Distance: Neil starts with ranged attacks. Dodge his bullets by sidestepping or rolling.

Counterattack: When he pauses to reload, shoot him in the head or chest. Aim for critical hits.

Repeat: Dodge, shoot, repeat.

Phase 2: Melee Attacks

Close Quarters: Neil switches to melee attacks. Be ready to dodge.

Shotgun Stun: When he charges, use the shotgun to stun him. This interrupts his attack and gives you a chance to shoot.

Burn Him: Throw burning bottles at Neil. Aim for his chest or head. The fire damage adds up.

Stay Mobile: Keep moving to avoid his lunges.

Phase 3: Final Showdown

Low Health: Neil gets more aggressive as his health drops. Stay focused.

Finish Him: Keep using the shotgun and burning bottles. Don’t panic!

Victory: When he finally falls, breathe a sigh of relief.

5. Patience and Persistence

Neil is tough, but don’t give up. Learn his patterns and adapt.

Save Ammo: Use melee attacks when possible to conserve bullets.

Healing: Heal when necessary, but don’t waste healing items.


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