Saturday, May 11, 2024

I hate having to play as Barry or Nathalia in Resident Evil Revelations.

 What's worse is that the little kid (Nathalia) can't attack of any sort. It's great that she can detect enemies, but what next??

But on the other hand:

Barry comes equipped with powerful weapons, including a Magnum Python, a fully automatic Assault Rifle NSR47, and a Handgun Samurai Edge. These firearms allow players to deal significant damage to enemies.

Barry’s character is grounded in family values, which contrasts with the more action-oriented protagonists. His motivations and interactions with Natalia add depth to the story.

He comes equipped with The Magnum Python, which is a force to be reckoned with. It can take down tougher enemies in fewer shots, making Barry a formidable combatant.

And last but not least, Barry’s gameplay involves solving puzzles and exploring the environment. His section of the game focuses on resource management and strategic decision-making. So for a Resident Evil Game, Barry brings a more Indepth arsenal along with him. I guess that kind of compensates for him being the only one who can down enemies. 

For Nathalia: 

Natalia has a unique ability to sense the location of enemies. This skill is incredibly useful throughout most of the chapter. Players can use her awareness to spot enemies and avoid unnecessary confrontations.

She is not a combat-focused character. Instead, she provides support by pointing out hidden items, traps, and enemies. Her gameplay encourages a stealthier approach.

Her interactions with Barry are often humorous. Her spooky, childlike demeanor contrasts with Barry’s seriousness, creating entertaining moments.

Natalia’s backstory and her connection to the island’s events add an element of mystery to the game.

Together, Barry and Natalia’s gameplay in Resident Evil Revelation 2 offers a balance of action, puzzle-solving, and character development. Their dynamic makes for an engaging experience as players uncover the secrets of the island and face its mutant threats


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