Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Barry in Resident Evil Revelations 2

Who exactly is watching Barry and Natalie?

The Tower Incident:

After the events involving Claire and Moira, it’s now Barry’s turn to take the spotlight.

Armed with a Magnum Python, a fully automatic Assault Rifle NSR47, and a Handgun Samurai Edge, Barry heads to the Radio Tower with Natalia.

Their goal is to uncover the truth and survive the horrors that await them1.

Navigating the Cliffs:

As they ascend the cliffs, Natalia’s unique abilities come into play.

She can sense the location of enemies, which proves invaluable throughout their journey.

Barry must rely on her awareness to avoid threats and make strategic decisions.

Together, they face slow-moving zombies and uncover hidden items along the way12.

Luring Enemies:

Natalia can lure zombies out of hiding, allowing Barry to eliminate them.

Their teamwork becomes crucial as they explore the eerie surroundings.

Collectibles, such as Tower Emblems, await discovery1.

Survival and Secrets:

Barry’s determination to protect Natalia drives their progress.

As they move deeper into the nightmare, they unravel the island’s dark secrets.

Watchful eyes observe their every move.

Stay vigilant, for survival depends on their wits, firepower, and the bond between Barry and Natalia. 


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